The Best And Healthiest Shakeology Recipes

Shakeology is a one of a kind supplement.  First, it is all natural.  There are no artificial ingredients of any kind.  Second, it contains a wide variety of organic nutrients you will not find in any other supplement.  Ingredients like phytonutrients and probiotics.

Finally, it is both a meal replacement and protein powder.  This gives your body both the calories and nutrition it needs, with the protein that it deserves from an active lifestyle.

A great recipe is a shakeology smoothie:

Were going to go with the strawberry shake for this recipe.

  • 2 packets of gelatin
  • 2 cups of almond milk
  • 1 scoop of strawberry shakeology

Mix the gelatin and 3/4 a cup of water together.  Mix in the almond milk, stir, then add the shakeology.  Place the entire mixture in a blender, blend well then pour in dessert cups and refrigerate for 4 hours minimum.

Here is another tasty and simple shakeology recipe

  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 tsp orange tea
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix well and enjoy

Some Pros And Cons Of Meal Replacement Shakes

Dinner substitution shakes are less useful with regards to aggregate nourishment, be that as it may. Mayo Clinic enlisted dietitian Katherine Zeratsky composes that shakes essentially can’t give all the nourishing parts of entire sustenances, which incorporate cancer prevention agents and other defensive substances and also vitamins and minerals. For every feast you supplant with a shake, supplement it with a supplement pressed, low-calorie nibble, for example, a little natural product plate of mixed greens or a serving of cocoa rice.

Shakes have a clear favorable position over full suppers with regards to accommodation. They’re anything but difficult to bring with you, snappy to drink and easy to plan. Regularly, no planning at all is included. Since they do give a few supplements and will keep you full, shakes are desirable over skipping dinners completely in case you’re voyaging or in a rush.

Attempting to get thinner or change your physical make-up with just supper substitution shakes isn’t a feasible technique. As general wellbeing master Dr. Monica Zangwill composes, the best long haul weight upkeep programs include point by point weight reduction arranges, normal physical action, backing and quality therapeutic consideration. Subbing a couple of dinners for shakes may help you drop pounds in the short term, yet you can put on the weight right back when you quit the shake technique and come back to your customary eating regimen.